About The Company

Have you been looking for music performers? there is a new niche called the music performers. They are a happy cross between the musicians and the performers. Enough of parties where nooks are earmarked for the sloppy bands to perform and they play boring sleepy tunes good enough to put your guests to snooze and enough of those performances without a soul that makes you think that you made a jackass of yourself by hiring buffoons to come perform in front of a well-meaning and educated crowd. "Music performer" is the result of a happy marriage between the best musicians of our time and the best theatre actors who have got together to blow out your minds.

Move over old:

You have a 'do' and you are looking to entertain your guests with something that is extraordinary and never seen nor heard before? Buzz us and we will show you how successful your event is bound to be. We love to be crazy, snazzy and musical but at the same time our humor is witty and the comic timing is so perfect that you will not need to leave your brains behind! We can do a classic or a modern take on the classic: Based on the party mood, you can hire the troupe t do a classic performance or even a funny yet contemporary take on the classics. They are sure shot ways of making you extremely popular among your guests.

Written, conceived and enacted in-house:

The play and the music are completely original and we can give you a guarantee that in case you would like that the performance is copyrighted and not performed anywhere for the sake of originality, we can oblige with a payment of premium charges. You can have a peek-a-boo of our talent by being requesting a copy of our performances by mail. We are sure that your guests will be floored with our performances. Now, don't just sit there, drop us a mail and let us know if you would like to see a small sample of our performance. We would be happy to send you an access code for you to be able to do exactly that! .