What music means to many and my most favorite boy bands

Alas! This is such a subjective question that there would be one answer for every living person. Music to some can be one of the most exhilarating of experiences and to some others, it may be something mundane and oh so normal that they do not even think about it two times if it is running in the background. They would probably notice that it was running behind when it stops!

Yet to some others, music can be a source of distraction. They are the ones who are better off without even a single note. Whether they are relaxing under the sun or walking on the treadmill, they are as much distracted with music as they would be when they are reading. And to my amazement, there are people who cannot read without listening to music. I have always thought that they belong to a different breed. I can never read and listen to the music all at the same time!

Music has never been known to evoke the same sentiments in people:

The specialty of music is that it is different to each ear. There are so many genres of music that are there today all-region and language specific and it is obvious from one of the surveys that we recently conducted in a college class of fifty students that music choices differ over a variety of reasons and it is definitely an acquired choice. .

More about the survey:

Out of fifty students in the college final year that were interviewed about their music choice and conditioning, 45 said that they were inclined to enjoy some or the other kind of music in a day. While some of them said they like hard rock, others said that they loved soft melodies in order to soothe their nerves and put them to sleep.

At least five out of the fifty said that they had no inclination to listen to music of any genre whatsoever. They even admitted getting irritated in restaurants and eateries where they playlists continuously.

The conditioning:

The five out of fifty who were averse to music were so because they had grown up away from home or in a place where there was no music conditioning at all and consequently they never did take or could not take to appreciate any kind of music. The survey ended with an experiment where we asked all the five non music lovers to listen to one hour of music every day for a period of three continuous months and ranging into different genres. Three months later, each one of the five admitted that listening to some or the other form of music has had some positive impact on their life and psyche.

The experiment was wrapped up with high success and acclaim. A similar survey and experiments have been attempted at subjects in different age groups and almost all of them had a positive and successful end result. This fact is in itself heartening and reiterates the positivity that music can bring about in people’s lives.

The first rhymes that we listen to:

It is no coincidence that the rhyme that we listen to in our lifetime is also set to popular tunes. We hum and sing when we are elated and we are usually singing when our heart is too full of grief and unexplainable sorrow.

My growing up years:

When I was still in college, my favorite band used to be the backstreet boys. Their songs on love and love lost were a rage back then and I used to have not only their hit singles but almost all the songs on my playlist. I found their music videos interesting too. There was something extremely admirable about their music and that was that when a lot of bands both boys and girls split over the years, this is one band that has stuck together. I think it is been close to two decades and they are still going strong.

The fact that they are still together and are making music that is still their kind of trademark fills me with a lot of happiness. I have also realized that my teenage sons have taken a liking to their music by virtue of listening to my music on and off. The other day, my younger son remarked that the music that this band plays is soothing and the lyrics are so heartfelt that it is difficult to cut yourself away from listening until the entire song is over. I felt so good listening to my children appreciating music and having such a mature attitude towards music and life in general. I have got them to sign up on MSMusic so that they can understand the nitty gritty of music in order to be able to appreciate it more!